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John Travolta is Extremely Fan Friendly

People that know about my autograph collecting hobby often ask me who was the nicest person I’ve come across. There are really many of them that qualify as a great and pleasant experience, but one in particular has stood out as they seem to go above and beyond to care for their fans. That person is John Travolta. He is a big name, A-list celebrity and has gone through alot such as the death of his son at an early age and he still pushes on and without a doubt appreciates his fans.

There was an upcoming premiere at a theater that both John Travolta and his wife, actress Kelly Preston, were going to attend. I made the adventure up there with a few friends to try our luck and see we could come away with a few items signed and hopefully a picture with them. After making the long drive and upon pulling up to the movie theater, it was incredibly crowded and jam packed with people for the event who were all roped off standing behind a long red carpet that led up to the front doors. There must have been five hundred or more people easily who attended. I figured chances of any autographs or pictures were slim to none when facing such a gigantic gathering, but I had to give it my best effort anyhow. I asked around and ended up talking to one of the police offers who were positioned everywhere around the building. He told me exactly where Travolta and his wife would pull up which just so happened to be a spot where nobody was even standing at the moment. I asked if there was any problem with me heading over there and when the officer said that it wouldn’t be, I went ahead and positioned myself in anticipation of his arrival. My brother and I were the only ones right near his car once it finally showed up and as soon as they got out we asked for a picture with him. Travolta and even Kelly Preston both were more than happy to take a picture with us and even chit chatted a bit. They both signed every item that I had brought and commented on some of them as well.

So this was a great success already and we had tickets to see the movie inside as well, which wasn’t going to start for a little while. The part that put Travolta really over the top though was he took his time and made sure he stopped for every single person there. If you wanted an autograph, consider it done. If you wanted a picture with him, he waited and graciously posed for each picture. Even when someone in the crowd had trouble taking a picture, John grabbed the camera and aimed it at the two of them and helped take it. He even checked to make certain that the picture came out just fine. All in all both John Travolta and Kelly Preston spent nearly four hours signing and taking pictures with all five hundred or more people waiting. They even missed the movie to spend time with the fans outside. There wasn’t a single person that left unhappy, including myself.

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