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Tom Wilson: Biff to the Future

Back to the Future ranks number one on my list of personal movie favorites, so I was excited to see that Thomas F. Wilson (or just Tom nowadays) was coming close by to do a stand up comedy act. Sure, it was comical in each movie too see Biff with a mouthful of manure, but I never thought of him as a comedian, but apparently Wilson doesn’t want you to think of him otherwise. You see, for some odd unknown reason he truly despises the role of Biff Tannen which put him on the map to begin with. All the years of people referring to him as Biff or saying one movie quote or another has irritated him in such a way that he flat out refuses to sign any Back to the Future related memorabilia.

Even knowing this information about his dislike for the role, myself and Neurotic John made the trip to see his performance and hope to meet him after the show. We eventually arrived and left the car atop a parking garage and despite my better judgement took an elevator to reach the bottom floor. It’s not that I’m afraid of elevators in the least, I just prefer walking up or down the stairs, but in this case as we began our descent the elevator came to a complete stop with the doors remaining shut. What was a three or four minute delay in reality felt ten times as long to us and we hoped this was not the first bad sign of others to follow. Eventually relieved from our elevator incident, the two of us make our way to the venue and take our seats.

His opening part of the stand up was forewarning the audience of his displeasure for Back to the Future, even making it into a little song with lyrics saying to stop asking him all the same questions. There was even someone that began to heckle him in the front, which at that point Tom walked over and tapped him repeatedly on the head saying “Hello, McFly!” as the audience cracked up laughing. I’ve got to admit he had some funny moments while on stage, but of course everyone knows him as the infamous villain Biff, which is why they were there in the first place.

After the show he did set up a table to sell DVD’s, sign autographs, and take pictures with people. I gave it a shot and showed him the three Back to the Future posters I’ve been working on with other cast member signatures on it and quickly shot down the notion that he would sign them. Already knowing this and prepared for the moment, I even offer $100 cash for him to sign the posters, but he didn’t even blink an eye and still refused. I posed for the picture with him at least and as I’m walking off he stops me saying that he apologizes, but he just won’t sign any Back to the Future items as he handed me an autographed promo card from the show. I suppose it was better than nothing and still a good experience to meet a Back to the Future cast member, although I’m on a mission to have the posters signed one day… in the future!

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