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Film Festival with Emma Stone

There was a local film festival in town and one of the featured guests was actress Emma Stone as well as Keiran Culkin, who is Macaulay’s younger brother whose claim to fame was the lead role of Kevin from the movie “Home Alone”. Actually, Keiran himself had a small role in the movie as well playing Fuller who apparently has a bed wetting problem. At the time of this particular event, Stone was an up and coming actress and had very limited credits to her name. She has since had some lead roles in several movies and one of the stars of the newer “Spider-man” films.

Doc, Neurotic John, my brother Pretty Boy Floyd, and myself (Schoolboy) all went down to the festival to see if we had a shot of being able to meet these two actors. They were showing an independent films in which both of them had roles. Afterwards, both Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin did a question and answer session with a group comprised of mostly inspiring directors and filmmakers.

The funny part is that the only people in attendance that didn’t even pay for admission were the four of us. We snuck our way in at the tail end of the show. If we actually paid for every single concert, stand up comedy performance, and so on we would be spending a tremendous amount on all these events and it would prevent us, in most cast, from even attempting these if we had to shell out big bucks on each occasion. It truly is amazing about the lack of security everywhere and even though we crack jokes about it amongst ourselves, you won’t find us complaining about it. If you look like you know what you’re doing, then people for the most part leave you alone.

Once everything had wrapped up a few people made their way down to greet the two actors. We were the only ones who had asked them to sign anything, but others were having their picture taken with them. Both were extremely pleasant and accommodating. Another successful venture.

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