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On The Road Again with Willie Nelson

There have been a few times that I was lucky enough to encounter the great country music legend Willie Nelson, and each time was equally a success. He certainly shows a strong appreciation for his fans and is more than willing to sign autographs, take a picture, and chat for awhile.

Willie truly loves the road trips while traveling city to city for his performances, even staying on his own personal tour bus despite everyone else with him sleeping in the comfort of a hotel room. In our previous encounters with Nelson, myself and friends that try as well have to wait patiently by his bus for him to come out. On one particular occasion he exited the bus to greet us and proceeded to sign over thirty record albums in one fell swoop while shooting the breeze with us as well. It’s always a pleasant experience and absolutely refreshing that there are some fantastic, down to Earth celebrities that instead of shunning people away, embraces them, and leaves you with a smile on your face.

I’m certainly not saying that every celeb is required to sign every item you have, take a picture with you, and the whole nine yards. There would be times that if I were in their position I would not stop, for instance, signing for a large mob of hundreds of unruly people. But, if I have the time and there are a manageable number of polite fans, then I’d have no problem at all and basically seems to be Willie Nelson’s philosophy as well.

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