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Geena Davis signs with invisible ink

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something new happens. Myself and buddy Doc decide to head down to try to meet actress Geena Davis who was doing a speech for a Christmas event at Disney. We both knew from previous experience that she certainly does not rank among the most fan friendly celebrities you’ll ever come across, but nonetheless make the voyage down to give it a shot.

We arrive toward the tail end of the performance and wait patiently for our opportunity to have a couple items signed and a possibility of a picture with. The show finally ended and Davis exited in fairly quick fashion so we positioned ourselves accordingly for our chance. We were the only two people in the entire park even attempting to ask for an autograph. Doc was the first to speak up and politely ask if she could sign a couple photos we had brought along. She didn’t even break stride and simply kept walking on, but grabbed his items in the process and quickly autographed two photos. Geena continued to walk as it was now my turn to try my luck. I had two photos which I placed on a folder for support and handed her my silver pen as each photograph was a bit dark. She actually briefly stopped, took my pen, and went through the motions of signing each photo. However, I noticed there was no ink at all on the photos despite this being one of my better silver paint pens which was used on numerous occasions beforehand.

Even when it was mentioned to her that it was not writing correctly, she continued on as Doc had one more item he held out and proceeded to attempt to use the exact same pen on his last photo. The same result happened — invisible ink! I’m sitting there in a state of shock, not even thinking straight, but asked anyhow to have a picture taken with her. Davis continued walking, looked back with sort of an ego about her, and said she’d rather not.

This simply cannot be happening. We both decided to test out the pen on one of the photos and no matter what angle, how light, how hard we pressed the pen down, it still signed flawlessly! There was not a single problem with the pen and it will definitely be used in the future, but on this strange occurrence Geena must have hovered slightly above the photo seemingly on purpose when going through the motions of signing them, because there was not one little tidbit of ink or impression of any kind made on any of the items. Absolutely bizarre! So in the end, in shock and disgust, I took both photos and ripped them up, and that will be the last effort put toward any venture for Geena Davis again.

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