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Lou Gramm from Foreigner: A True Class Act

The original lead singer of the group Foreigner, Lou Gramm, was performing and myself and a couple other autographers decided to make a trip to see this rock legend. He sang hit songs such as “Cold As Ice”, “Hot Blooded”, “I Wanna Know What Love Is”, “Double Vision”, and many more hits.

So myself, Doc, and a new autograph buddy of ours whom we dubbed the nickname Hot Dog, tried our luck over at a hotel to attempt approaching Gramm once the concert had finished. We waited a mere half hour at most and up pulls a van at the front doors. We were waiting on a nearby bench and asked Lou if he had time to sign a few autographs in which he graciously did. He had a tour manager with him who spoke up and said he doesn’t have time to sign everything we brought along, but Lou ignored him and eventually signed every piece we brought.

At one point Doc spoke up and said how much we appreciate him taking the time to do this, to which Gramm responded, “My pleasure. I want to treat my fans with respect. They deserve it.”

He was definitely one of the more fan friendly celebs we have encountered and had a very positive attitude. He posed for pictures with us and we all thanked him once more and were on our way. A true class act.

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