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Tracking Down Quarterback Dan Marino

We heard about a walk-a-thon event where the featured guest was going to be former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino. Myself and a couple other autograph buddies decided we had to give it a try, so we prepared our items and mapped out our game plan to give it our best shot. The event was jam packed with well over a thousand participants and parking was a bit of a nightmare, but eventually we made it down to the main set up for the event.

There was a stage area in which Marino had given a speech prior to the official start, however, we were a bit late in catching him in time for this. The event was almost underway and we saw no sign of Marino upon our arrival. There was only one thing to do, patiently wait until the walk was finished. It would be completely classless to find him during the walk and ask for anything and chances are he wouldn’t do it anyhow.

The main area had several booths where they were promoting different merchandise and such, so we walked around the area until the event was coming to a close. Sure enough, our patience paid off as Dan Marino came up very close to where we were waiting. A few other people approached him as well and he surprisingly signed multiple items for women, however when I or any other male asked for a signature he would sign only one and refused to do anymore than that. Nonetheless, it was still a great outing and well worth the trip.

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