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Carly Rae Jepsen: Call Me Never

I’ve attempted meeting people at the local radio stations quite a bit in the past and had alot of success. My brother ended up winning entry into this studio performance for some new up and coming singer that signed on with Justin Bieber’s recording label. She finished third place one season on Canadian Idol (didn’t even know that existed before this particular event). Anyhow, I had some photos printed to try to have them signed and the three of us (myself, my brother, and a friend we call Doc) waited outside the radio station to try to meet her before the show began. After patiently waiting a little while, she pulls up with three other people including her manager and as they are walking up we ask if she could please sign for us. Her manager quickly remarks with quite an attitude barking at us asking “Where are you all from?”. We say we’re local and will be part attending the performance. No response, they keep walking. We sat there for a second dumbfounded at what had just unfolded.

The three of us then head up to the station and check into the front desk. My brother was the official winner and put down our friend Doc as the guest that would be attending with him. I told them we were brothers and if there is any way we could just all go in together. The lady at the front desk was very pleasant about the situation and said that it wouldn’t be a problem and she’d let me in too. We were all told instructions to wait outside the performance studio until we were given official badges. Some other employee comes over about 20 minutes later to hand out badges to walk in, but refuses to give me one stating that my name is not on the list. I explained everything and she was just plain rude saying it didn’t matter, that I wasn’t going in. So they let the whopping 5 or 6 people in that “won” and made me sit outside, until the lady at the front desk noticed and asked why I wasn’t in there. I told her what happened and she said that wasn’t right and escorted me in anyhow. The one that refused me was inside and shot me the nastiest looks, but I could care less.

Carly does just two songs and then a different employee announced she will take pictures with the few people even there, but only signing one photo that she’s providing and nothing else. There’s maybe 6 or 7 of us total, really!? And the three of us are the ONLY ones that had anything else to be signed. She takes the picture with each of us, signs the one photo which was personalized and we still proceed to ask to sign the other photos that we brought along with us, but even Carly refused. Her manager then went off on us and they were all irate that we had our own items. What a way to treat people! It’s like we were complete scum for bring a few items of our own.

What a waste in my opinion, and too many rude people including Carly, her manager, and a couple other radio station employees. Just another one of those experiences where you actually came away with something to show for the trip, but was not a fond memory to look back on.

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