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An encounter with 80's pop icon Cyndi Lauper

I’ve heard many stories from other collectors in the past regarding how bad Cyndi Lauper tends to be toward autograph seekers. Someone I knew gave a reliable tip on the location where she was staying and claimed she graciously signed multiple pieces and took pictures with before a performance she was putting on. So I decided with this information that it would be worth a shot to head down after the show when she came back to the hotel. My brother took came along for the trip and our autograph adventure began for the night.

We waited for several hours sitting in the lobby of the hotel and in fact we almost gave up entirely. It was approaching one o’clock in the morning and we were going to put in just a little more time before calling it quits. Cyndi finally arrives as she steps out of a van along with a couple other people. We approach her and nicely ask if she could sign our items. Surprisingly she gave us no problems at all and signed everything we had (one of those moments where you kinda wish you brought more stuff, but oh well, can’t be too greedy). After Cyndi finished signing the last item we had, I whipped out my camera in preparation for a photo opportunity with her and before I even asked for a picture she says, “Not tonight guys, I’m a little beat up.” I never give up, so I politely reply back that we’re fans and probably won’t get this chance again and we’d appreciate a picture with her as a momento. She then gives a little attitude and replies back, “What? You need a picture to prove I actually signed these?”. Before I even say anything back she caves in and decides to go ahead and pose for pictures with us. It was definitely late and she probably just wanted to get it over with quickly so that we would leave. Either way, it was a pretty great night for my brother and I meeting Cyndi Lauper. Success!

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