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About Us

Collecting autographs and memorabilia is a passion of mine and a very unique hobby that I have enjoyed for nearly two decades now. It all began collecting sports trading cards, but later on a friend of mine introduced me to obtaining autographs in person.

Living in Orlando, Florida there are tons of opportunities to meet celebrities as this is a big tourist destination. My original passion was in basketball, so naturally the autograph phase was focused on the local NBA team, the Orlando Magic, and being able to meet players from the teams coming into town to play against them. I was immediately addicted and wanted to see these players up close and in person. My autograph collection began to amass as well as wanting to take pictures with the players to create memories that I could look back on in my photo album. It was incredible and eventually my collection expanded after learning all kinds of tricks to the trade and figured out how to attempt to meet other athletes besides NBA players, musicians, comedians, actors, actresses, and other people of fame.

I’m a collector first and foremost as I’ve amassed way too much over the years, but of course I’ve been bitten by the autograph bug so I always feel that I don’t have enough. Anyhow, I have decided to create a side business to lighten the load of my collection and take care of the vast expenses involved in this hobby including items that I purchase to be signed, already signed memorabilia, gas that it takes to drive to these events, tickets to concerts or sporting events, and much more. I have friends and family that enjoy many of these events as well and more often than not they come along for the experience and will help obtain signatures.

There certainly have been many ups and downs along the way as I will try to document many of these stories in my Autograph Adventures section. It’s an ongoing journey and very rewarding adding that next signature in with the collection. I hope you enjoy this hobby as much as I do.

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